AdSense Freebie Put to Good Use

Just received a $100 AdSense gift card from Google. I have in the past, like so many, but have never used them.

Since I haven’t really played with AdSense in a while, this year I’ve decided to put it to good use and kill two birds with one stone thrown:

  1. I’ll use it to promote two causes I enjoy: WordPress/WordCamp Montreal (once the new site Brendan is working on is up) and “Skateistan, the Movie”
  2. I’ll be able to monitor the campaigns and see if they have any impact at all

After all, there’s no sense in letting this freebie go to waste. :)

UnPresenting workshop

From Nick’s blog:

Today I attended an UnPresenting workshop because I’d like to get comfortable in front of a crowd so I can be a speaker at WordCamps.

From Heather Gold‘s site:

Heather Gold is the love child of Sarah Silverman and Rachel Maddow and tours North America as a comedian, speaker, and solo performer.

This all sounds great to me. Going to have to look this up when in San Francisco. Although I do have easy access to advice from great speakers like Matt and Scott if I want to through Automattic, such a workshop is sure to facilitate things.