AdSense Freebie Put to Good Use

Just received a $100 AdSense gift card from Google. I have in the past, like so many, but have never used them.

Since I haven’t really played with AdSense in a while, this year I’ve decided to put it to good use and kill two birds with one stone thrown:

  1. I’ll use it to promote two causes I enjoy: WordPress/WordCamp Montreal (once the new site Brendan is working on is up) and “Skateistan, the Movie”
  2. I’ll be able to monitor the campaigns and see if they have any impact at all

After all, there’s no sense in letting this freebie go to waste. :)

Google Announces Lunar X Prize

From: “Google Shoots For The Moon –“:

The company on Thursday announced the first 10 teams of competitors in its $30 million contest to send a spacecraft back to the moon to gain greater insights into the solar system and to find new sources of clean energy.

More info is available on the Google Lunar X Prize web site.

Google. Space. Clean Energy. $30M. What’s not to like?

Via Digg.

OpenSocial or OpenGadget?

From “OpenSocial or OpenGadget? – ReadWriteWeb“:

Steve O’Hear (who edits our digital lifestyle blog last100) has an interesting post on his ZDNet blog that questions whether Google’s OpenSocial initiative is at all about data portability, or if in fact it really just about widget standardization. O’Hear quotes heavily from a recent article by Marc Canter, who is a strong advocate for open standards and data portability, that ran on CNet.

I see the same issue with Facebook’s JS Client Library.

I love client-side technologies, but I’m increasingly thinking that the propagation of such libraries is calculated by the providers more in terms of securing data and activity custodianship, as an alternative to truly opening one’s data APIs, rather than with scalability and processing decentralization in mind, like some argue.

It’s not a bad thing by any stretch, but I’m not sure associating them with true openness and data portability is entirely appropriate.

Google: Software Engineer, 3D Graphics – Montreal

From the Craigslist ad:

Google is seeking excellent software engineers with a passion for building real-time 3D graphical applications. Here at Google we are always on the forefront of creating revolutionary products. If you have experience with distributed interactive user applications or real-time 3D graphics, we invite you to join our world-class engineering team!

Ready? Polish your résumé… Go!