BOOM! 1000th post

This GitHub/CoderDojo announcement was my 1000th post on tekArtist. :)

It’s been a wild ride since my first post under that name online in 2006, originally on Blogger, but promptly followed by a move to WordPress in 2007. It ultimately led to me getting the best job of my life at Automattic, wrangling up the most-awesomest-est code everyday, just for you. Turns out happiness is a blog… err, site.

Custom CSS tweaks for Twenty Eleven on

I wanted to have my images and videos displayed much wider than by default in the Twenty Eleven theme, but only when viewing single entries (where there is no sidebar). Here are the few simple tweaks I’ve implemented using the Custom CSS upgrade. They’re not foolproof when it come to embeds, but they work well enough for my current needs.

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Morgan Wade on

I always love it when I find people out of the blue while working out new features on Today, I found out Morgan Wade, a pro BMX rider, has his site with us.

And apparently, he’s not only one of the most talented riders of our decade, he’s also an accomplished photo blogger. :)

Holy cow it's been a while! It seems like a year has gone by since my last post! After I got back from China I did some show and had the weirdest thing happen…      Mid 360 turndown in a show my rib broke or popped or something… It made a sound that was quite loud and knocked the wind out of me! … Read More

Here’s a video of the man in action.

Senad Grosic Interview (via OnlySteeze)

There’s some pretty good content under the BMX tag on

Senad Grosic interview! Many of you already know him, he’s one of the funniest dudes I know, a very talented rider and a good person. Born in Croatia, lives in Austria. He comes to many of our contests so you know how many crazy and technical tricks he can do. Check out the interview with Senad Grosic! … Read More

via OnlySteeze