WordPress.com Metro app for Windows 8

Microsoft just released Windows 8 Consumer Preview at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Guess what’s already running on it? Announcing the WordPress.com Metro app.

I was lucky enough to be on the Automattic team who developed the app, and got to interact with the internal Windows 8 team at Microsoft while doing so. Needless to say, it was both challenging and motivating, to say the least. Win 8 is pretty darn spiffy, which is saying a lot coming from a hardcore Mac and Linux user. :)

Oh, and yes, good habits die hard: the app is indeed open sourced, and released under the GPLv2. I wonder how many more OSS apps got featured not once, but twice by MS in their live worldwide demo? :)

BOOM! 1000th post

This GitHub/CoderDojo announcement was my 1000th post on tekArtist. :)

It’s been a wild ride since my first post under that name online in 2006, originally on Blogger, but promptly followed by a move to WordPress in 2007. It ultimately led to me getting the best job of my life at Automattic, wrangling up the most-awesomest-est WordPress.com code everyday, just for you. Turns out happiness is a blog… err, site.

Custom CSS tweaks for Twenty Eleven on WordPress.com

I wanted to have my images and videos displayed much wider than by default in the Twenty Eleven theme, but only when viewing single entries (where there is no sidebar). Here are the few simple tweaks I’ve implemented using the WordPress.com Custom CSS upgrade. They’re not foolproof when it come to embeds, but they work well enough for my current needs.

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