Join us on the bright side! “We want you: Automattic is hiring in 2013”


As Krista so eloquently wrote it:

We expect to hire 60 new Automatticians in 2013. We’re a distributed company: Automatticians work from home, their local coffee shop, co-working spaces — the location in the world where they’re most comfortable and productive. Our hiring pool is planet Earth.

Via We want you: Automattic is hiring in 2013 — Blog —

Great Op-Ed Piece on Montreal’s Crumbling Infrastructures

[…] the city of Man and His World has become unsafe for women and children. The yellow brick road is crumbling. As of this morning, the clicker on a billboard outside city hall reads “003 jours depuis une catastrophe.”

Far be it from me to defend slave labour, but the pyramids are in better shape than the Champlain Bridge.

Mike Boone in Montreal’s yellow brick road keeps on crumbling.