Join us on the bright side! “We want you: Automattic is hiring in 2013”


As Krista so eloquently wrote it:

We expect to hire 60 new Automatticians in 2013. We’re a distributed company: Automatticians work from home, their local coffee shop, co-working spaces — the location in the world where they’re most comfortable and productive. Our hiring pool is planet Earth.

Via We want you: Automattic is hiring in 2013 — Blog —

WP Plugin Challenge: Who Wants to be a Five-Thousander?

From Jeff Chandler’s “Calais Offers WordPress Plugin Bounty“:

Calais which is a metadata generation web service that is powered by Reuters is offering up a $5,000.00 bounty to anyone who can develop a plugin that meets the following criteria: tag auto suggestion, semantic cloud, GUID incorporation.

I can’t go for this one, having other immediate priorities and commitments, but it sounds like a neat and challenging project to tackle.

PDO 2: Request for Comments

From “php.pdo: PDO 2: Request for Comments“:

It became apparent over the past year or so that PDO has been a good and valuable addition to PHP. Like JDBC in the Java world, PDO offers similar advantages, such as consistent data access APIs and better consistency across the various drivers. It has also become clear that there is still room for improvement around the functionality, consistency and broader vendor support for PDO.

I love PDO. My only real pet peeve with it is that it wasn’t right in PHP 1.0.

I’m looking forward to see some of the proposed improvements come to life.

Digg is Hiring LAMP Programmers

From Joe’s shout:

It’s 6PM on a Thursday night and I’m about ready to head over to the Open Web Awards presented by to celebrate Digg’s wins with a few of my fellow Diggers. The only downer is that we don’t have more Diggers to share the fruits of our labor with.

I went to San Francisco last June to meet with the Digg team, and I can certify that if you have the skills, already live in the area or are willing to move there, you MUST apply. It’s not just for show, this team really rocks!

Unfortunately (arguably), I can’t move to SF, family and all, so this one’s not for me.