Double Apple Flashback

It sure had been a while since I worked on an Apple PowerMac G4. Tonight, I did so on two at once. The blue one is from April 1999, is a G4 450 Mhz and was bought the same month my 1st son was born. The grey one is, I think, from 2001, is a G4 887 Mhz and was once a web server running Yellow Dog Linux. Both are fully functional and my mom is still using the newer one.

Satarii Star Motion Activated Tripod

The Satarii Star promises to be a pretty sweet iPhone accessory. The pitch is simple: “a product that makes your mobile camera follow your every move. You can video yourself doing anything without the awkwardness of asking friends or complicated setups”. Add the twist that the device is entirely crowd funded through IndieGoGo, and you’ve got yourself all the bits for a potential success story.

In the same vein, the Glif is also pretty neat, and funded in the same fashion.