Keane logic

Keane, my 10 year-old son, wrote this, for which I have zero context at the moment:

A dragon is cute. It farts fire and cats and rainbows.
A cat is dangerous. It breathes burning ninjas and purple velociraptors.
Dinos are funny because they fart prehistoric double rainbows.
Whales are enormous, but sadly they don’t fart. :( But they puke green gorillas and blue cavemen!

6 thoughts on “Keane logic

  1. I think we met your son yesterday at Bay Lake Towers’ pool? If so, he is a charming, funny young man… And my son’s new email pal. Two of a kind, they are… :)


      • As I told Keane: It seems like you always meet new friends on the last day of school/vacation. Both of them skinny and shivering in the pool, but still smiling, talking about video games and Montreal and San Francisco. I even got to hear how Keane dislikes the gore of a certain game… in full detail… Lol. Keane is a really great kid. Nick was thrilled to get an email from him this morning after a long flight home. So sad they didn’t hook up earlier.


        • Well, tell Nick not to despair. :)

          I’ll be spending a few days in SF (then Santa Barbara), early-fall.

          Maybe I can arrive a couple of days earlier and bring Keane with me, show him some of Silicon Valley, computer museum, et alii. It’d be like Mecca for him. I’ll send him flying home, direct, afterward, and move on to work stuff.

          Maybe Keane and Nick can keep in touch, then see each other then. But shhhh, don’t tell Nick (nor Keane) quite yet. We’ll see how things develop. :)


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