Employees treated as adults? Imagine that!

We have tremendous respect for weekends and personal time. To balance the inevitable overtime, we take away traditional time restrictions. Our people get to lead the lives they want and be treated as the adults they are, and we get a kick-ass team that loves to work.

From The No-Hour Workweek: Reinventing Employee Expectations For The Modern Economy.

I’m (very very) lucky to be working in such a company. Yes, you will see me tweet about my coding on a Friday night at 11:51PM (because I felt like it), but you’ll also see me posting pictures of my dog at the park on a week day’s afternoon. Another example is that we do not have any offices, with most of us choosing to work from home instead (all over the world). But Automattic is also happy to finance things such as co-working spaces for employees who do not feel like being alone all day and/or are more productive or motivated when surrounded by other human beings.

All I can say is that I’ve never been happier professionally, and it sure shows in all aspects of my life. I wish more companies would get a clue, and see more of my friends feel as productive, fulfilled and generally good as I do.