Support Sci-Fi Series – “The Fastest”

Sounds very cool.


This is going to be a kickass series. Please help the creators reach their PLEDGED GOAL OF $7,350.

Kickstarter Page:

The Fastest is a sci-fi action series in which citizens of the small borough of Tran’s Port, find themselves moving and thinking at light speed after an accident affects random inhabitants in strange ways.

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Every year on St. Patricks Day weekend the bike messengers of Montreal come together to organize a weekend of bicycle fun. Alleycats, goldsprint, and a criterium race all in conjunction with lots of booze! The big criterium race includes a hard core test of endurance, stregth, bicycle savy, and strategy! The course is a 1km loop that includes traffic lights, car-bike-and pedestrian traffic. Dangerous is definitely applicable. This years race saw three crashes, one of which took one cyclist to the hospital! The race saw the lead pack carry an average of a 42.85km per hour pace for a total of 35minutes. There was, blood, vomit, hot dogs, beer, smiles and comradery. Take a peak and spread the word!

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