New Tattoo Pict

This was my early birthday present to myself. It is a simplified version of the Aztec calendar (Sun Stone) and Ollin Tonatiuh.

I’ve always loved tattoos, so as to not overdo it, I’ve set myself a limit of one every five years. Since my time was up and I’ve long been fascinated with ancient Central and South American cultures, I found only fitting to get this one in context, to conclude a month in Mexico.

It’s now about 3 weeks old and has healed nicely.

4 thoughts on “New Tattoo Pict

  1. As a young 17 year old sailor in the Royal Navy I was stationed in the Far East for two years (1956-58). As you probably know sailors usually have several tattoos, and Hong Kong was the place to get them. Back then I don’t believe there was such a person as a Tattoo artist in the UK. I’m very proud of the fact I resisted the temptation to have a tattoo, I was teased, I was told I was scared of the needle etc etc. Hygiene was not practiced and I remember that it took around three to four weeks for the scab over the tat to heal.


    • Healing time is now around three weeks for most, and hygiene is paramount indeed.
      Now that this industry has more stringent standards, would you be more inclined, if it had to be done again?


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