Three Songs I Never Get Sick of

One of my roles at Automattic is to maintain Plinky, now that we’ve acquired the service from Thing Labs. I’m a techy on this project, so I still find myself being exited about the prompts our editors come up with. Here’s me trying to answer one of them: “Name three songs you never get sick of“.

Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers

This song struck a particular chord in me when I listened to it the first time. I was seventeen years old and had just moved from Martinique (Caribbean) to Montreal (Canada), only starting to truly learn spoken day-to-day English. This is the first English song I truly understood from start to finish and could relate to at the same time.

Midnight In A Perfect World by DJ Shadow

The combination of the powerful drum beats, deep background vocals and soothing female voice never fails to give me goose bumps. Every time.

Is This Love by Bob Marley

Despite living a rather typical modern North-American existence, full of affluence and superficiality, this song still embodies some of the core values I cherish in life: the importance of love and family above all.

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2 thoughts on “Three Songs I Never Get Sick of

  1. Midnight in a Perfect World is the song that introduced me to DJ Shadow. It is a fantastic example of what can be accomplished by a talented DJ…love it! I could say with some certainty that I will never get tired of it.


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