Seven Things

Well, it had to happen sometime. Eli White (@EliW) was kind enough [aka: I’ll get ya back! ;)] to tag me in his own version of the Seven Things meme going ’round these days.

Meh, why not? So, I now have to detail seven things about me – some random, some weird – then find seven soul to harass with my new found mischievous streak.

Here we go:

  1. First thing first, I’m the proud dad of three beautiful boys between the ages of almost-3 to 9-and-a-half.
  2. I didn’t actually write my first PHP app. I wrote a script to convert it from Perl to PHP for me, around 1998-99.
  3. My favourite place to be is on a half pipe, with my son(s) and bmx/skateboard/snowboard, no matter the location.
  4. Although I live in Montreal, Canada, I’ll never EVER get used to its weather, yet still like it here.
  5. I dug part of our previously 4-feet-high clay basement by hand so I could have a wood workshop in our downtown duplex.
  6. I spent my childhood in France (0-12), teenage in Martinique (12-17) and adulthood in Canada (17-…).
  7. And finally, I hate how English spellcheckers highlight properly spelled words, such as favour, colour, and behaviour. :p

Now, for my preys, aiming for fresh ones:

  1. Pierre-Hugues Pellerin (@pierhugues), who will probably mention Ruby, despite his initials.
  2. François Lafortune (@quickredfox), who could write and illustrate a comic book published only in pure Javascript.
  3. Xopher Murtagh, who can play the trombone and probably find a way to get GNU/Linux running on it, somehow.
  4. Janina Szkut (@nanananini), who could probably mention something about knitting and PAX in the same sentence.
  5. Konstantin Ryabitsev (@mricon), who is probably already teaching four or five languages to his newborn son, who’ll probably read them fluently by age three.
  6. Sylvain Carle (@afrognthevalley), Praized Media‘s CTO extraordinaire.
  7. Evan Prodromou (@evan), who will (and should!) probably mention Laconica.

And to conclude, the complete rules:

  • Link your original tagger(s), and list these rules on your blog.
  • Share seven facts about yourself in the post – some random, some weird.
  • Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
  • Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs and/or Twitter.

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