The Cross Lingual Wiki Engine Project

Alain Désilets’ (National Research Council of Canada) presentation at the PHP Québec CodeFest2008 on the challenges of massive translation collaboration in the wiki environment, and proposal for a cross lingual wiki engine concept to tackle the problem.

The presentation was followed by an intensive brainstorming session on the said engine, which itself led to a coding session after.

The video/sound is unedited and the quality isn’t fantastic, but it’s getting the word out that counts, right? :)

See also: Heri’s report on Montreal Tech Watch.

3 thoughts on “The Cross Lingual Wiki Engine Project

  1. eh eh.

    It all went great, but I wasn’t able to join the end of event diner. I went back to my family instead, having been away all weekend. Was missing my kids. :)

    I coded until around 6-7pm, went home, then coded some more once the boys were in bed.


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