PHP Québec CodeFest 2.0

I will be attending the CodeFest2008 hosted in Montreal on January 5th and 6th. This year’s theme will be all about microformats. Here is a link to the Facebook event, if you’re having trouble reaching the official wiki.

I will be vying to address an hreview project I am getting involved with, unless I’m already done with it by then, in which case I’ll find something Diso related to tackle (if not both).

Note: the event is not limited to PHP by any stretch, and anyone is welcomed. Join us, it’ll be fun. And as always, it will also be a great opportunity to network with your tech-peers.

3 thoughts on “PHP Québec CodeFest 2.0

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  2. Microformats can be fun to mess with. I got bored a while back, and decided to see how many different working microformats I could add to my blog (powered by WordPress).

    Using Operator to verify, and all the different user scripts for it to add support for extra microformats, I was able to get 9 different microformats onto the page.

    That’s adr, hCard, geo, tag, hAtom, license, XFN, xFolk, and RDF. :)

    Take a look, just make sure you have Operator setup and able to view them all:


  3. @otto: yup, I’ve got about the same on, most at the theme level [for now]. Firefox 3 was/is supposed to leverage them natively, and I’ve seen the interface mockups that were being proposed, but I haven’t seen what’s already in FF3b2 yet.


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