The Corporate Art of Concept Bastardization

From GigaOM: AT&T, Verizon…We Are All Open:

Ever since Verizon announced that it was going “open,” OPEN has become the new buzzword. For instance, this morning USA Today ran a story on AT&T being open, with extensive commentary from AT&T Wireless CEO & President Ralph de la Vega.

It really pains me to see such hypocritical behemoths jump on concepts that are dear to me, such as “open” or “green“, and turn them to their advantage when in reality, they are amongst their most vile opponents.

Between Microsoft’s Open Initiative, GE’s greenwashing campaign and so many others, it’s an ever rising trend, even if far from a new one. Turns out they can’t even be original in their dishonesty: “Hey, me too! I’m cool too! Look at me!“.

But one way or another, analysts and consumers see right through their… uh, spin?

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