This is my idea of taking a selfie (WordPress 4.0 credits page)

WordPress 4.0 credits page, featuring yours truly.

You can now find my ugly mug in the WordPress credits (/wp-admin/credits.php). And I intend to make sure it remains there for years to come. :)

For those interested in why now, it stems from having spent the last 4 months contributing to the project full-time. Not *just* (as in the last 5 years), but WordPress Core itself. And for this, I have to thank Automattic, as it is the result of an internal program we dub “DotOrg Rotations”. Any employee (1 year+) can ask to temporarily leave the team they’re on, and contribute to the WordPress project full-time for a full release cycle (4-5 months) on the team we have dedicated to that. I participated as a developer, but anyone can, since there are countless aspects to contribute to. Yet another perk of working for the best family, er company in the World. Won’t you join us?

But however much I might have helped, I did nothing compared to the herculean work Helen and Nacin have accomplished as leaders for this release. If you use WP, take a second and thank them. They deserve it like no one else does!

5 years at Automattic!


On August, 24th, 2009, I posted the following on this very site:

Today is the most beautiful of days. I’m not talking about the weather, but about a feeling that is currently impregnating every single fiber of my professional being. See, today marks the beginning of my trial phase (contractor) as Automattic‘s newest full-time systems wrangler.

I became employee #40-something (of now 259) as of September 21st that year, and in that span, I was part of the following teams (listing employees still with us today):

There is nothing I would change about the last 5 years. I’ve met incredible people, worked on amazing projects, traveled to fabulous locations, all while trying to democratize publishing, change the way people work, and be the best dad/person I can be.

So thanks to my Automattic family, and here’s to five more years. :)