5 years at Automattic!


On August, 24th, 2009, I posted the following on this very site:

Today is the most beautiful of days. I’m not talking about the weather, but about a feeling that is currently impregnating every single fiber of my professional being. See, today marks the beginning of my trial phase (contractor) as Automattic‘s newest full-time systems wrangler.

I became employee #40-something (of now 259) as of September 21st that year, and in that span, I was part of the following teams (listing employees still with us today):

There is nothing I would change about the last 5 years. I’ve met incredible people, worked on amazing projects, traveled to fabulous locations, all while trying to democratize publishing, change the way people work, and be the best dad/person I can be.

So thanks to my Automattic family, and here’s to five more years. :)