Wireless winch setup on Jeep JK Unlimited factory bumper

The first of only two planned additional modifications to my Jeep Wrangler JKU is in: I’ve now installed my trusty Superwinch LP8500 (previously on XJ) right on the stock bumper, thanks to a neat 1/4″ steel winch plate by Rock Hard 4×4. I’ve also upgraded to a roller fairlead, from the standard hawse, which will be nicer on my cable. I’ve posted the wiring for the wireless add-on here previously.

Wireless controller wiring for Superwinch LP8500

Wiring for wireless controller for Superwinch LP8500

I purchased a cheap (US $11.57, shipping incl.) wireless controller for my Jeep’s aftermarket winch, and figured I’d post the wiring, in case someone else ever needs it. I was able to follow these instructions, which despite not being the same brands, work word for word.

  1. Red -> red
  2. White -> white
  3. Black -> black coming from solenoid
  4. Yellow -> black coming from switch