Here’s what I did with that tube

Rock slider for my Jeep Wrangler. About half way done, mounted for fitment.

Front Fender guards for my XMJ build project.

Stinger for my XMJ build project.

8 thoughts on “Here’s what I did with that tube

  1. The rock sliders look great! It looks like you went through the flares with the top tube; any reason for that, or just a style point? Did you mount them to the tub, or to the frame?


    • Thanks.

      Yes, I opted to make them go through the flares indeed, for 2 reasons: the first is that it creates pressure points if I lean on the sliders, using the whole flare to push on the body, therefore spreading the force. The second is that they will, in the future, be integrated (same way, but welded) to a set of tube fenders I’ll be building to replace the plastic ones.

      Those are body mounted, to keep the clearance high. A viable option (body), on the JK, thankfully, if you choose to trust fabricators like Poison Spider, etc. The brackets are 1/4″ flat stock, with “fins” at 90 degrees, for strength/firmness.

      The nest step, besides welding it all (just tacked for now), is skinning them.

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