Jeep XJ build update

Things are moving along pretty well with my Cherokee project, considering I can only work on it on the occasional weekend.

After the last installment, I started by marking and cutting the rusted-out driver-side rocker, along with part of the  door step. Next was test fitting a 2×3 x 3/16th” rectangular tubing and 1.5×2 x 3/16th” angle to replace part of what I’d just taken out.

Once done, I moved on to what is my first foray into metal fabrication, by cutting and welding together my first rock slider, then installing it. Once satisfied with the driver-side, I proceeded to bring symmetry against it to the passenger side, with the matching fenders/rocker trimming, and rock slider. Lots of fun was had, as I’m really enjoying working with metal.

Last thing I did was starting to tackle installing some armour for the gas tank. Easier said than done, since the existing Hidden Hitch was (very poorly) welded to the frame, coupled with some extra-rusty 1/2″ bolts and 3/4″ nuts. But I got it in the end, and will be finding a way to bolt on the armour next weekend.

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