Winter is coming! Time to have a shovel handy. :)


The one recovery tool to rule them all, when push comes to shove(L).

7 thoughts on “Winter is coming! Time to have a shovel handy. :)

    • Now, this said, I’m not entirely sure I’d recommend it, now that I spend the weekend in the trails with it.

      It’s fine on asphalt, but I can already tell that the rambling of that weight is not going to be great on those hinges over time. I’m also concerned about the potential for disaster with clearance issues (since I’m in the woods a lot).

      I’m eventually going to switch to adding a bar the manufacturer makes for that winch plate I installed ($79), and mount it there instead. In that case, the jack becomes the opposite of something that can snag on a branch and rip my tailgate off: a brush guard. Bonus! :)

      Not regretting my $57 (Canadian) though! Once the jack is relocated, I can convert the tailgate mount into a stand-alone (lighter/smaller) shovel/axe carrier, etc, very easily.

      Not obsessing over it in the meantime though, the part itself is well built, and I otherwise like it very much.

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      • I was curious about the weight on those weak hinges, but I didn’t figure you’d had it long enough to tell.

        I did some work for a Jeep armor manufacturer, in return for which I was to receive a rear bumper/tire carrier. The owner ended up stiffing me, so I’m instead eyeing the Teraflex carrier, which should be plenty sturdy for a jack and shovel.

        The only advice I’d offer on your planned setup is to think about whether you’ll ever use it in deep mud. It’d be a pain to dig through a lot of muck to retrieve the jack to help free yourself. 😳


        • Deep mud: that’s an excellent point. Ideally, I’d rather have it in the cab, secured, but I have two large dogs I take with me almost everywhere, and I haven’t yet seen a solution that doesn’t impair their safety or comfort. I’ll definitely do more research when the time comes, but on top of the bar that’s on top of the bumper would bring it to hood level (gotta watch for those headlights), to clear the winch, so I’d have to get in *real deep*!!

          I’m also wondering if I could rig a plate on top of my fairlead. If that bends with the weight and rattling, it’s a $40 fix. :)

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