5 thoughts on “WalkCar

  1. Hahaha, looks very smooth, but I wonder if it really has the power for the wheelchair, etc.
    I’d rather buy a new pair of sneakers and walk :) Love that song!


    • Song is great indeed. Power: electric engines are all about torque. The batteries are usually the biggest challenge with such devices: size, performance, heat output. The rest is software programming and quasi-off-the-shelf components put together by now. :)

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  2. Nice correlation to your latest songs.
    The day after this post I thought: No I won’t go into any topics about mechanics anymore (momentum of force aka torque, etc) bc I almost always failed => flunk :)
    And that I’d would rather like to see products like that WalkCar being made out of recyling material, like old SmartPhones, MacBooks and so on. Whatever contains the needed raw materials.
    There are many countries that want to get rid of their technical garbarbe by sending it to 3rd world countries. And I’m not sure if that is a good idea at all. At least there’s a WP Theme called Cocoa. That’s also some kind of re:cycling. :)


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