Come Along Tool Basics, from a fireman

I have a cable hoist at all times in my Jeeps/4x4s, when not setup with a heavy-duty + electric winch combo. I picked up a 4-tons one for ~$30 in a rural hardware store. That’s a saving of about $970 on changing the bumper and getting a winch on, and I’m not spending gas money on the extra weight they imply (250+ lbs). :)

Most tows/pulls, when stuck, are only on a matter of 3-5 feet, enough to get traction. Mine lets me pull from twice that, or over twice my car’s weight (mass, actually). Coupled with two 30 feet tow straps, I can get myself, or someone else, out of most jams. It’s nice to rarely be “that guy who needed to wait for a tow truck”.

I also own and keep a “high jack lift” in the car (came in/with one of my old $1k-Cherokees!), since it’s itself lifted and I need that to safely change tires, etc. Those can also be used to pull loads, but only on an even more limited distance. Still handy to know:

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