Summertime-mode Jeep


Hard tops are great, but this is Summer we’re talking about. And in Quebec, better squeeze out every drop! So the 1st thing I did when I got home with the new Jeep was switching over to the soft-top that came with it. My oldest son and dogs are pretty happy about it, as pictured. :)


The car is a 2008, pre-owned, BTW.

5 thoughts on “Summertime-mode Jeep

    • They are Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac, in LT275/70R18 (oversized since car is lifted; Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited stock is LT255/70R18).

      I’m definitely not going to swap them, for as long as they’ll be good for (at least another 2 years). They are in fact the specific model I set my toy Jeep Cherokee (XJ) with last Fall, albeit in LT31/10.50R15. They are the best all-season on/off-road tires I’ve ever owned, and are especially appropriate in Quebec, thanks to the Snow Peak Rating on most sizes, which is required by law in the province, from December to April (with good reasons!). To me, it translates to only having to own one set of tires year-round, as opposed to have to swap, as most people do. It’so ne of my requirements for 4×4 tires (here).

      The way the car is setup as is, and fact that they were on the car (and in great shape) were a large part of my buying that very Jeep. It saved me spending another grand or so on buying 5 of them; which I would have. I put a lot of trust in my tires, and those have proven themselves time and again, in all conditions I’ve pitched at them. I also like that size (larger, but not too large), as well as the current lift’s height (3.5″?). I find it to be a nice balance between function (increased clearance), form (purty!), and the all important retaining of handling at all speeds, being my go-everywhere car.

      The “only other tire option”, for me, and for the same all-season/rating reason, are BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO, which I’ve also owned on a lifted truck (in LT33/12.50R15, iirc; on Toyota 4Runner), and are equally amazing. I do prefer the look of the Duratracs, though. :)

      I checked, and they are available in two (stock) sizes for your own Jeep Liberty (2011, right?): P225/75R16, and P235/70R16. I can’t recommend them enough, personally. I might not for someone living in Florida or Arizona, but for Canadians, most definitely.

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    • The only modification I’m planning on the car in the short term is coating the rims in mat-black Plasti Dip, as I did on my XJ. I like the all-black look.

      Longer term, the only other modif I’m seriously considering is what I’ve done on every single one of my 4x4s: heavy duty bumper + winch combo. I’ve already found the bumper I want (and can afford guilt-free as a birthday treat or so. January?)! :D

      Besides,or including, those 2 things, I’m 100% good with the ride. Love it!


  1. Nice, thanks for all the tire tips. I currently have Goodyear Wrangler’s on as well, though not the duratrac models, so not quite as rugged as yours. They’re in pretty good shape so I don’t think I’ll swap them yet, but all in good time. I definitely want to coat mine in mat black as well, will probably do that in the short-medium future :)

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