4 thoughts on “How is the world getting better?

  1. Yeah, we are doing so great aside from the fact we are destroying the environment, which happens to be OUR HOME! Wow, this interview was complete rubbish. But what do you expect from an economist. Economics fails to address human and ecological needs. 45 years after the developed nations pledged to give 0.7% GNP to developing nations, which country has kept that promise to date? But yeah, we will get there eventually so everyone keep smiling while the corrupt bankers and politicians continue to suck money from the poorest on the planet.


    • What you said are all facts, undeniable ones. But what this type of analysis shows is that on a global scale, we know we need to stop, and are (albeit slowly) improving at it. I find that keeping in mind that some things are actually working/improving is inspiring. If nothing was, what’d be the point of even trying? As much as they’d like it to, and despite all of the power they hold, it’s not all about politicians and captains of industries. Everyday scientists, eccentric billionaires, mid-scale inventors, and more, are all making a difference, bit by bit, regardless of those spoiled brats. And consumers, for all their (our) faults, are increasingly voting with their wallet that they actually want the change. Economy matters greatly on that front, because it is as undeniable of an everyday fact as the ones you raised. :)


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