Is Lady Gaga our era’s Salvador Dali?

Watching performances like this, I’m leaning towards yes.
Surrealism FTW. :)

3 thoughts on “Is Lady Gaga our era’s Salvador Dali?

  1. She is a very talented young lady, I believe she not only writes her songs but does her own fashion and directs her own videos. She is also an accomplished business women. People assume she has achieved her success simply because of her lack of clothing but I think it goes way beyond that, without her other skills she’d be nowhere. I enjoy most of her songs and videos (Bad Romance and Alejandro being particular favourites) but in this case I think her sense of artistry has gone a little over the top and managed to lose me. I lost the link between the downed bird at the beginning and the jump into the G.U.Y sequence.


    • Although I’m not a fan of her music per se, I am a big fan of the person indeed. I respect people who don’t see or believe in limits, as a ground rule, the most. She totally won me over with her anti-bullying efforts. Huge fan of that!

      As far as the piece itself, I’ll give her the benefit of it being her first (officially) of the kind. She’ll either get better, or realize she’s better off interpreting other people’s work. :)


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