7 thoughts on “Gloomy, foggy, rainy, icy day… #nofilters

    • The way out here was quite something. The cabin is a couple of miles from the main road. The weather has warmed up, and it rained all day. The mountain road was coated with 1/4″ of wet ice, going up.

      People who tried to go up flagged me to the side of the road and told me that they just turned back because they could not go. Then explained that a 2 tonnes truck was stuck in the snow bank a little further.

      I slid 20 yards when i tried to stop to listen and then 20 yard again when i backed up… They were going back to Montreal.

      Having driven an hour, I decided to take my chances. I made it past the big truck and on the way up, I found a large pick up truck also stuck in the snow bank.

      He was in quite deep, but after about a dozen pulls, on said ice, I managed to tow him out.

      I finally proceeded to complete the half mile left to the cabin, the steepest part.

      Mind bogglingly, I made it up at first try. Which is quite baffling, considering that I could barely walk up the same road afterward… The neighbours said no one has been able to come or go since yesterday. Except for me and my 17 year old Toyota. :)


      • Wow, sounds good fun :-)

        I’ll bet your adrenaline was flowing when you were on that ice. We have that problem alot over here as it often doesn’t get cold enough to create that really nice very cold ice that is sticky and gives good grip. We tend to have wet ice which in my experience is far more lethal to drive on even in 4WD.


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