Lost power some time ago; still working

That should last a while, and when it doesn't, I still have car as a giant generator. I could also just go home, since this is at the cabin. :)

That should last a while, and when it doesn’t, I still have my car as a giant generator. I could also just go home, since this is at the cabin. :)

7 thoughts on “Lost power some time ago; still working

  1. Nice! I need to sort myself out with a similar setup as we quite ofetn lose either power or internet here and as I work from home it would be useful. Currently if I lose power or broadband I have to drive 200 miles to head office :-(

    So is that a router plugged into your phone?


    • No, it’s a battery pack that can fully charge my phone about twice on one charge. I have two. I use my phone’s Personal Hotspot feature. it makes it a wifi access point for up to 4 devices, providing internet via its own 3G connection, as part of my data plan. It works great.


      • Ah, yes I have a similar feature on my Nokia windows phone :-)
        I like the battery charging idea though because my phone battery drains pretty quickly when using WIFI and doing lots of work and it is not always convenient to plug in the mains charger when out and about.


          • Excellent, I shall have a look for one. Thanks. I’ve only had my windows phone for a few weeks and I love everything about it other than its appetite for battery power!

            PS. The wordpress App works a treat on it. It was a godsend recently when we lost our broadband for nearly two weeks, I could happily keep up with comments, stats and new posts via the app. :-)


              • Ah, I spoke to soon – the updates to the reader have not only been a nightmare on the PC but don’t work at all on my windows phone, as I’ve found out today, so currently can’t use the wordpress app on my phone to view and read posts on the reader or to get to peoples blogs :-(

                Hopefully it’ll be sorted soon as I was really enjoying the app, a few minor bugs but overall it was working great.

                While I work from home a few days a week (like you) I have to commute to head office once or twice a week and I’m totally dependent on the phone to keep in touch with people when working hundreds of miles from home. I upgraded to a lovely Nokia 925 with windows 8 as it meant I could manage my blog while away from home and until today that has been going to plan. The app runs really fast on the 925 – so fast in fact that it is quicker to navigate than the normal WP site on my home PC!!! :-)


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