2 thoughts on “How the Tesla Model S is Made

  1. Really nicely produced video. I live in Alabama, and have had an opportunity to tour both the Hyundai and Mercedes plants here (in my previous engineer life). And actually, almost all of the tech and process feels the same. Things are a little shinier at Tesla, and the multi-operability of the robot doing the windshield and seat in one station was definitely different, but from an Automation standpoint overall it seemed quite similar.

    Either way, great video :) I look forward to Tesla scaling further and reducing their price points to be more affordable.


    • That’s the kinds of hyperbole you get when the VIP of manufacturing is in charge of the narrative. ;)

      Yes, they do have the latest versions of all of that, but not a first, for sure. I’ve heard great things about the Hyundai plant in the past, both from an engineering standpoint as well as being one of the better auto manufacturers to work for in the US.

      Nonetheless, amazing technologies. :)


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