Putting the winch to good use, cleaning trees that snapped with snow last winter

5 thoughts on “Putting the winch to good use, cleaning trees that snapped with snow last winter

  1. Is that the ditch that you slipped into a few months ago? It looks quite deep with a sharp edge. Over here they don’t normally tarmac right upto the edge of a ditch, usually leave a couple of foot of soft verge.


      • I don’t disbelief you! A 2 ton truck suddenly dropping over an edge like that can always cause damage – ouch.

        I could of course add that had you been in a proper Series Land Rover the chance of damage would have been much reduced but as you drive a modern boingy then these things will happen ;-) ;-)


        • Hahah, fair enough.

          Over time, there’ll be a truck for that, and a truck for more civilized activities. I’m really enjoying the Disco for both purposes for now, especially more so now that I’m / I’ll be doing most of the work myself.


          • Yes, I was only pulling your leg, the Disco is a fine vehicle. Sadly they are prone to rot over here in the UK due to excessive road salt in winter, not sure if they are any better over there? It is now common to see 10 year old Discoveries selling for less than what many Series Land Rovers go for. The engine I bought to put in my Series 2 is an ex-Discovery engine, the 200TDi 2.5 litre turbo diesel. The vehicles are generally scrapped and the engines are sold on to be transplanted into Series trucks. There are now probably fewer 1st generation Discoveries on the road in the UK than there are Series Land Rovers. The 2nd gen Discovery, which I think is what you have, is the best as far as I’m concerned. The later ones got too big and too boxy and are prone to electronic failures.


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