So much for Spring! April 5th in the Laurentians (North-West of Montreal) :)

3 thoughts on “So much for Spring! April 5th in the Laurentians (North-West of Montreal) :)

  1. Yep, we’d had it pretty cold here too, far colder than is normal for even early spring. We had our biggest snowfall of the winter only two weeks ago. However, the last few days have been progessively warmer and today it hit a heady +9c, this time last week it was just +2c. I’ve finally been able to get out in the garden today and do some work – started painting the fence (a post to come tomorrow about that), got about 50′ painted, only 120′ left to do……. I don’t mind the cold so much if we get decent snow with it as we can go and play in it so in that respect I’m envious of your snowfall. What I don’t like is when it is freezing cold but no snow – too cold to do any work outside or on the Land Rovers and I end up being stuck in the house getting cabin fever.


    • weather: we’re expecting a high of 11c on Sunday! :) The snow has been melting very fast in the last week, but that last snow fall was unexpected (I rarely check the weather report, to be honest).

      “only 120′ left”: heheh, sounds like you have your weekend planned already ;)

      “cabin fever”: I’m the same way. This winter has been particularly nice and snowy, but it’s not always the case. Although there is always more snow up north at the cabin than in Montreal itself, where it gets really gloomy sometimes when cold and snowless.


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