6 thoughts on “If anybody needs any ice, I have a pretty good idea where to get some

  1. Impressive! :-)

    There was one theory about the mayan calendar that suggested that this winter would be the tipping point back into a mini ice age…..

    …considering the number of people from all over the world, that I’ve spoken to or read blogs from, that are reporting much cooler temperatures than normal you could almost believe the mini ice age theory :-) So much for Global Warming!

    BTW despite a lovely 9c high yesterday, it was -4c overnight so winter has still not relinquished its grip on us :-(


    • Believe it or not, there is no water stream there per se, in the summer. Just in the winter. I think it has to do with the temperature of the rocks vs the dirt around it. The snow melts faster on the rocks, but freezes back up instantly, and forms the ice over the winter.


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