Show this to your children. Please. So they may never grow up to be bullies. Or bullied.

3 thoughts on “Show this to your children. Please. So they may never grow up to be bullies. Or bullied.

  1. Wowww….(wiping tears) this is powerful! How do I reblog this? (Doh.) (K, I think I have to hit “Press This”.) Well this is really incredible, and I think it tells the story of every underdog and former “tortured kid in school” such as myself. I was a bedwetter until 14 (you can imagine what that did for my social life) and was labeled “Stinky” for a decade. I was poor, and brutalized by my classmates: kicked, punched, hit, spit on, and so on. I also lost two of my kids to the system- one of them was poisoned against me. (But hey, the foster mom was raking in the dough, so…you know…) I was brutalized/victimized by the system that swore to “protect the children”. (Those of us who have lost our children to the system know that it’s a money-game, and everybody but the parents and kids fatten their pockets.) That was 20 years ago. After a life of horror and tragedies (and that’s just the beginning), I wrote a children’s book so that other kids would learn to “not bully”. My revenge on the world and the system was to become a better person, and grow from every lash upon my back. I also became engrossed in helping the homeless, and so I have. I was invited back to the very school I was tortured in, as a children’s book author, and to read my book (“Peanut Butter Soup”) to the very kids of the kids who bullied me. I was able to tell their children, in my own words (literally!) that bullying other kids is so messed up- and that there are healthier ways to express their inferiorities. It was a life-changing day.

    Thanks for sharing this- I think it’s brilliant, and it’s a pleasure to meet you. xo


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