DIY: Mountable Pet Food Dispenser

Oh man, this makes me want a garage! I think it’s a great idea, if you have the space .. and go through a lot of dog kibble like I do. The trick would to ensure you install it in a DRY environment, or it could be a cesspool for mold growth.

Here’s a great tutorial I found for all of you tool-capable pet people. It looks easy enough, and would make a  great weekend project.

Fig. D: Dispenser Details

Figure D: Project Materials and Details

You’ll find most materials at a home center or lumberyard. We used 3/4-in. clear aspen, because it’s straight, soft and easy to work with. You can save a bit by building it out of No. 2 pine boards. If possible, buy the 18 x 24 in. acrylic sheet already cut to size. To cut it without chipping it, you’ll need a fine-tooth blade and…

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