And we’re expecting another 15cm (6-7″)

As a side-note: 4th-hand Land Rover: $2.3k. Misc fixes and upgrades: ~$6k. Driving over and out of the snowbank, first try, while everybody else is shoveling: priceless.

4 thoughts on “And we’re expecting another 15cm (6-7″)

  1. LOL, will you stop showing off! We’ve had hardly any snow to play in this winter so I’m very envious!

    Mind you I’ve heard a rumour we may see some 6-8″ this weekend although that is nothing really as we need at least 12″ before we even need to engage the 4WD on our 109″ Series Land Rover ;-)


    • Hah! Let me tell you, all the people having to shovel their cars out to get the kids to school, right after the snow plow passed by and created a 2’x2′ wall of snow right against every said car, weren’t so happy to see that a day before what is supposed to be the first day of Spring. I, on the other hand, couldn’t care less, and find it pretty. Something about not having to dig my car out (just brush the snow off of it). ;)


      • Yep, a few weeks ago after just a few inches of snow had fallen overnight I got in our Annie (The 109″) and drove off to go play and as I was driving off (without even having to contemplate clearing any snow from the drive) I passed our neighbours who have a 100 foot long block paved driveway and the whole family were out trying to clear the snow from the huge driveway just so they could get their BMW out – oh how I laughed :-)


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