5 thoughts on “Talk to Your Children About Death!

  1. Very good!

    My wife and I try to be as open and honest with our kids as possible in all matters. They have not been brought up molly coddled which is how I was brought up. For example, our children have witnessed their food being killed and prepared, they know where their veg comes from as we grow it ourselves and alot of our winter meat diet is locally caught game such as pheasant, rabbit, venison etc that has been prepared in front of them. The same goes for subjects such as this – far better to be honest than to make up stories or to not talk at all.


    • I was more or less raised the way your kids are, albeit via my grandma/grandpa (and my hunter dad). Then we left France when I was 13 and never had that lifestyle again. And my wife being a city gal, it didn’t happen later on. But the good news is I just bought 6 acres of woodland in Quebec, so some things are going to change ’round here. :)


      • Wow fantastic! I would love some woodland to be able to coppice my own firewood. We’ve converted about 30% of our 1/4 acre garden to vegetable gardening with raised beds and greenhouses etc so we (or rather my wife) manages to grow alot of our own vegetables, salad, peppers, herbs etc and our children have been brought up knowing exactly how their veg grows from seed to final product. They are also aware of just how problematic the weather can be and its effect on our veg crop! I am a firm believer in making sure my children are aware of the true nature of how and where their food comes from. A valuable life lesson.

        I would have no quarms in talking about death either but I guess that is going to be less of a problem with my girls compared to many of their peer group as they already have a good understanding of life and death from witnessing their food being killed and prepared.

        We have a fantastic local pig farm that takes the kids around to show them the pigs but at all times it is made clear that these are being bread to slaughter for food. They children are not encouraged to think of them as cute cuddly things which sadly is the case with many of todays kids. Some of our daughters friends or certainly their peer group have no idea where their food comes from and have been misled into thinking that it comes prepared in a plastic tray on a supermarket shelf which is doing the children no favours at all.


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