Tierra del Fuego to Alaska truck

Saw this beauty parked on my way to picking the kids up at school.

Met the owner too. He’s just made it to Montreal from Tierra del Fuego (most southern point of South America, in Chile), and will be heading to Alaska from here.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

8 thoughts on “Tierra del Fuego to Alaska truck

  1. OoooOOOoooooo! We met someone who did something similar! They came over from Austria, got a camper van in Halifax, drove across Canada, then all over down the US. Sold the camper to someone there and flew home.

    One of the best things they ever did as a family, they said.


    • Indeed, that sounds awesome.

      I’m definitely considering doing the cross-Canada drive sooner rather than later, maybe even as a one-on-one week-long trip with my oldest. They’d each get such a road trip, when they’re old enough to enjoy it rather than be stuck with it. ;)


  2. Hello Stephane, what an amazing trip, we are an Spanish couple an we would like to make a similar trip would it be possible to ask you some questions? I am sure your experience will be very useful for us. Thanks


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