Protecting Quebec’s culture? Sure, but is French really it? ;)

That quote really made me smile.

The idea of protecting Quebec’s French culture is quite the noble endeavor. The only problem being I don’t think any of the First Nations were francophone. This notion that Quebec’s history is French is a blatant slap in the face of Quebec’s true historical identity, one the PQ is more than happy to gloss over. Does the PQ understand that there were people here prior to the French landing? It’s okay for their language to disappear?  Does no attention need to be paid to their history or culture?

Via DTA’s Thoughts: The Language Police: Because being English will soon be a crime.

It really reminded me of this cartoon:

7 thoughts on “Protecting Quebec’s culture? Sure, but is French really it? ;)

  1. I talked to Mathieu Bock-Cote, reputed sociologist and known nationalist, about this very same issue after a conference he gave… his response was that we couldn’t compare the two, because what is done is done. Meh.


  2. Hey hello there! I’ve come to see you via rendezvous with renee and am so glad I did! My home town is Chateauguay and I went to school and worked in Montreal for a bit before I moved out west. Very cool blog. A la prochain! Diana


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