What I wish people of all political affiliations understood about Jean Charest

What I’d really like people to see is that Jean Charest is doing nothing short of what I’ll label as pulling a Dubya. He is not a Liberal any more. He is only acting toward his own benefit.

This is a man who knows he will not get re-elected (there’s no way), and whose political career is likely over when you add up the corruption enquiries to which he’ll undoubtedly be linked, the tuition increase in a province where we’re the most taxed in North America and more than paying for our educational system already, Bill 78, and so much more. So what he is currently doing are his last moves before he switches to becoming a lobbyist: basically handing out free money, at our expense, to his corporate friends.

Doubting me?

  • He’s selling out our natural resources at the highest bidder with his Plan Nord, to no one’s advantage but the (often foreign) corporations who are buying it up (and who will for sure hire him once out of office).
  • He’s putting in place unconstitutional laws, knowing that by the time they are ruled as such, he’ll have gotten what he wanted out of it in the first place anyway.
  • He is (or will soon be) on the chopping block in a massive corruption inquiry.

Just to illustrate how absurd this situation really is: the tuition increase is supposed to raise $130-160 millions from students’ pockets out of the fresh $800 million going to universities (whose funds are so mismanaged, it’s doubtful they need it at all). But on the other hand, he’s happy to fork off $300 millions to build one road that will benefit one private mining operation. How does this make sense in any way?

2 thoughts on “What I wish people of all political affiliations understood about Jean Charest

  1. Charest never was a ‘liberal’ though, he was the former leader of the federal Conservative party. The Québec Liberal party was never really a left/liberal party either (and has no affiliation with the federal Liberals). For the last couple of decades, they got elected by not being the separatist party. They’re a bunch of corrupt thieves. People have been talking about Charest’s political demise for some time now, I hope that this will finally come to pass.


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