Dear [American] tourists…

Americans traveling to Quebec this summer should know they are entering a province that rides roughshod over its citizens’ fundamental freedoms.

From Our Not-So-Friendly Northern Neighbor –

19 thoughts on “Dear [American] tourists…

    • So if I understand you correctly, we should let our basic democratic rights be trampled and be quiet about it so we don’t disturb the tourists? I’ll be frank, I didn’t really care about the tuition hike (besides the fact that increasing tuition by 75% in a province where we’re taxed at over 50% of our income should lead to less such taxes, which it will not), but Law 78 is an abomination usually reserved to totalitarian regimes. And this shall not stand.


  1. I find that line of reasoning creepy and weird. “You made us angry, so it’s your fault we [set fires|set off smoke bombs|do other dumb shit].” I don’t think it’s a reasonable way to interact.

    I’m pretty much in favour of retaining low student tuition, and I really like ideas like for making education in Quebec as close to free as possible.

    But I also think solidarity has to include everyone in Quebec. We all live in this house, and it’s a bad idea to burn it down in order to save it.


    • “it’s a bad idea to burn it down in order to save it”: mmm, I dunno, it worked for the Russians with Napoleon. Just kidding. ;)

      If you follow what’s happening, nobody’s burning anything. Or if anybody is, they’re rogues within the bulk of pacific protesters. Unless you meant this as an analogy, like “burning bridges”, in which case I’ll probably agree with you, once I’m a little less pissed off. :)


    • I agree that there has been plenty of things done by protesters that is shameful as well as unlawful, and we should (and I have) spoken out against that. There are some pretty important things we need to remember though:

      1) many of the instegators are clearly not students or are certainly not there because they believe in accessible education,

      2) the number of instegators vs people protesting is very small

      3) as law enforcement officers who are in a position of trust, the police have a duty and are held to a higher standard than average citizens

      4) the responsibility for social peace lies with the government – that’s probably their most important task – and they’ve been failing at it miserably.

      If you want to blame anyone for lack of tourist dollars coming in, most of the blame lays with Jean Charest. His actions (and inaction) have lead to a marked decrease in respect for the law and law enforcement (the SPVM have been helping there too). Merchants who rely on tourist dollars should be calling their MNA demanding his resignation. I would do it, but my MNA is Amir Khadir, and I think he’s already been demanding Charest’s resignation. I will probably start calling Liberal MNAs this weekend though, because I’m totally fed up with this.


  2. It’s sad to read that, especially from the site where millions read that and make a hurried decision on not coming to Mtl this year based on the news. Nothing should change the fact that our city is still the most amazing city in the world!!!


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