Sarah Hughen Surfed 365 Days Against Cancer

A Liquid Life

Sarah Hughen, a surfer from Wisconsin, has completed a year of surfing for the cause of breast cancer. She planned to surf every day, during 365 days straight with no exceptions, and she finally made it on the 30th April.

“I can’t believe I am going to be saying this… I’m done! So surreal”, said Hughen on the last day of her consecutive surfing year. The red hair surfer learned to ride waves only when she was an adult, but now she is an experienced waterwoman.

It would be easy to find Sarah. During the last 365 days, she went surfing with one of her three pink surfboards. Sometimes she would surf alone, sometimes she was joined by friends and locals. Sarah Hughen lives in Cardiff, California.

The “A Wave a Day” project raised $10,000 for the Carlsbad-based nonprofit Save a Breast Foundation. Sarah Hughen is 34 years old, she…

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