Steve Pendarvis on Creativity in Surfboard Design


Anyone who surfs the reefs and beaches of Central San Diego has come across the original shapes of Steve Pendarvis and his Pendoflex line of  surfboards. The irreverant and innovative Sunset Cliffs surfer is part of the long line of unique San Diego shapers and designers that includes Skip Frye and especially Steve Lis.

Steve has worked with Canyon Surfboards, Classic Glass, Superior Glass, and Diamond Glassing. Some of the surfers who have ridden Steve’s boards include Buttons, Dave Rastovish, Dan Malloy and Gavin Beschen.

Serge Dedina: When did you first start shaping surfboards?

Steve Pendarvis: In the 1960s when I was in my early teens, I started shaping and building surfboards. I was always tinkering with projects: boards, model airplanes, boats, bikes, all finely tuned.

Dedina: How did your interest in shaping begin? Did you wake up one day and say, “I want to be a shaper.”


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Physics save the d… Well, at least two glasses.

My teenage son had the great idea to stack two wet tall-glasses in the sink; resulting in said glasses being stuck together solid.

Being a ninja, I quickly used teh Google to get me out of that jam. Lo and behold, physics was going to be my savior again.

I simply had to fill up a bowl with hot water, fill the inner glass with cold water, and put both glasses in the hot water. The outer glass expanded and the inner glass contracted enough for me to separate them within seconds.

Tada! Good too, because I like those tall-glasses. :)