Working for Automattic could be beneficial to your health

A new study out of Montreal says those who stay at a job out of a sense of obligation or because of a lack of other employment options are more likely to experience burnout.

Staying put for those reasons can lead to emotional exhaustion and a chronic sense of physical and mental depletion from continuous stress and job demands, the study says. And this, in fact, may make those workers leave their job after all.

From Sense of obligation to employer causes burnout: study.

Is this you? Maybe you should work with us instead. :)

Royal Canadian MintChip Challenge: Evolution of Currency

From The MintChip Challenge | MintChip Developer Resources:

The Royal Canadian MintChip Challenge invites software developers to create innovative digital payment applications using MintChip, a development phase technology available only to challenge participants. Developers and the public are also encouraged to share ideas for how a digital currency can be used. Winners will receive approximately $50,000 in gold bullion from the Mint as well as promotional exposure. Prizes will be awarded for the apps that best demonstrate the potential value of the MintChip technology and have the greatest potential impact on digital payment technology. Submitted apps can run on Windows, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, or desktop and mobile browsers.

More on MintChip:

MintChip – The Evolution of Currency

Today’s digital economy is changing faster than ever, and currency has to change too. It is, introducing MintChip, from the Royal Canadian Mint – the evolution of currency.

MintChip brings all the benefits of cash into the digital age. Instant, private and secure, MintChip value can be stored and moved quickly and easily over email, software applications, or by physically tapping devices together.