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Michael Snow must really be a polymath.  The cultural impact of this Canadian artist, filmmaker, musician, videographer, sculptor and painter is phenomenal, given that just two of his remarkable installations hold thousands of tourists (and locals) spellbound at Toronto landmarks annually.

His works includes the two-part “Audience” sculpture atop the Rogers Centre, a domed stadium near the lake (above), and the arresting installation of 60 life-size, fibre-glass Canada geese in flight across the atrium of the Eaton Centre shopping mall in the downtown core.

(Photo above: Don Shall; below: Toronto Life)

I was reminded of Michael Snow’s impact – and how little we take account of his artistic reach – when I posted about the Vancouver Art Gallery’s new exhibit  on art in Canada in the 1960s earlier this week.   Snow’s important 1963 canvas,”Lights Out,”  provides the title for the seminal Vancouver show.

The Rogers Centre…

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