Magnificent Animals: Why Sharks are Good for the Ocean and For Us

I’ve always been as fascinated by sharks as I am terrified. I might or might not have recently committed to do a shark cage dive with Matt and other members of our team during a future meetup. :)


Dovi Kacev grew up in South Africa and San Diego. A longtime La Jolla surfer, Dovi is finishing up a joint SDSU-UC-Davis Ph.D. in Ecology. For the past 11 years he has carried out research on shark ecology and conservation which has allowed him to study sharks in the wild in San Diego, Baja California, and the Caribbean.

Serge Dedina: As a surfer who grew up in South Africa where there are a lot of sharks, why did you choose to make your life’s work the study of the ocean’s apex predators?

Dovi Kacev: From as early as I can remember I have been interested in sharks, but I did not think of becoming a shark biologist until I was in college. Learning about how important their roles are to maintaining balanced ecosystems, how little we know about their biology, and how much trouble they face due…

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Earth – The Blue Marble

Geetanjali Kaul

By Neeraj Bhushan

Do you know our Earth didn’t appear blue in NASA’s first satellite images! But times have changed. Look at this “Blue Marble 2012” – as NASA (US government’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration) calls it and claims it to be the most amazing high definition image of Earth so far.

Earth as a ‘Blue Marble’ was first snapped by the crew of Apollo 17 in 1972 and that image has always been one of the most famous photos ever taken, for we all then suddenly saw the world in a much different way.

In the years since, the space agency has added many blue marble laurels to its credit, of course with technology enhancing and sharpening the so difficult to take images. And as the latest photo is released, NASA says it’s the most amazing high definition image of Earth.

This latest image, being put here courtesy…

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