Upcoming WordPress 3.2 Distraction Free Writing Mode

Andrew has now committed a very spiffy improvement to the little-known full screen editing mode in WordPress.

The Distraction Free Writing mode has been in trunk since yesterday. Would appreciate comments, suggestions, opinions, etc. Bug reports should probably go on #17136.

Via WordPress Development Updates

Here are some screenshots, for your viewing pleasure, of what is currently in WP trunk.

11 thoughts on “Upcoming WordPress 3.2 Distraction Free Writing Mode

  1. This looks great! I get so frustrated with the current interface.

    I will definitely try this once it has had the bugs dealt with. I have to be very careful because every time I do WordPress updates, there are issues with the plugins and widgets that I have to fix.


    • Those types of bugs are not because of WP itself, they’re because of poorly written themes and plugins, unfortunately. WP is very conscious about keeping backward compatibility with all new features, for a long time, so plugins do not break. But if the plugin author doesn’t update his/her work for two years or so, or has really hacked his/her way into something he/she should have used a function for, then all bets are off. :)


  2. Hi Andrew,
    wonderful to have that – I look forward to trying it out.
    I understand it is more for writers, but I’ll be looking whether one can work with it for other purposes.
    So do something similar for custom post type data entry (no menus top or side, minimial boxes, maybe one custom metabox, maybe with some data preset, so one could link to it/enter it from front side without having a sense of being in the admin backend.?

    Would that be possible with the way it’s done?


    • I’ve never tried to overload the full-screen mode (current or upcoming) with custom post type meta fields. I’d expect it’d be easier with this version than the TinyMCE-based one, but I’m not sure. The new mode is in its infancy.


  3. This looks great. I so hate editing content looking through a tiny letter slot 9and when you expand the editor space, then you have to scroll in two different places to write, edit spell check, ad images, etc. Almost as if the original interface was written by coders instead of writers ;-). Thank you, thank you all for moving in this direction.


  4. As a “newbie” to WP, I am continually frustrated by the delay in being able to edit my WP writing. The screen seems to freeze up and not allow any typing! Also you can’t change the size of the typeface easily, UGH! I hope the new release enhances some of these features.


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