Playacar Mayan Ruins

Here is a photo gallery of the 5-700 year-old Mayan ruins site that is just a few meters away from our Playacar house. The (very shaky) video shows you just how close.

5 thoughts on “Playacar Mayan Ruins

  1. Sorry to bother you…we will be in Mexico, at Iberostar Tucan in April, I was looking at a map of Playacar and saw Mayan ruins on there. I ended up on your site and saw pics and video of them. I want to be respectful of those that live there, so, can you tell me if the public are allowed to walk to those ruins? Are they on a public street? I would appreciate any advice you could give me! Thank you! Colleen


  2. We stayed in playa del carmen in mid February and we’re allowed to walk to,around and in the ruins,very cool.This site was a stopping point for rest and prayer for travellers from bigger centers(Chitzen itza,Coba,Telum etc) on their way to Cozumul.

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