1,000th Desktop Image, Acquired

I’ve been collecting desktop images, aka wallpapers, since around 1994. Some are my own photos or artsy experiments, most have been found online. As you can probably tell by the 16 years it took for me to get 1,000 of them, I’m quite picky when it comes to what I give so much screen real-estate. To celebrate, here are 20 of my favorite ones for your enjoyment.

6 thoughts on “1,000th Desktop Image, Acquired

  1. I find it harder than it should be to find a good desktop wallpaper.Sometimes a wallpaper can be a great image but too bright and there for you have a hard time seeing icons,etc.There is that and sometimes the artist gets overzealous and puts too much self advertisement on their work,nothing wrong with getting credit for your work but i don’t need your name above my clock,etc.That being said i get my wallpapers from either deviantart,wallbase dot net or Pixelgirl Presents.Believe it or not Windows 7 has done a really good job at themes this time around,they have some nice high res wallpapers in their prepackaged themes.


    • Well, that is one of the issues I have. I’ve been collecting them from so long, I lost track of that unfortunately… I debated not posting them because I couldn’t give credit to where credit was due, then decided to go ahead anyway and just take the image down if someone complains.


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