Testing Twitter Blackbird Pie

We’ve enabled a really neat feature on WordPress.com recently. The ability to display tweets in all their glory as simple as pasting a link in your post as shown below.

This is made possible by the excellent Twitter Blackbird Pie plugin, which this post is a test of on myself-hosted blog (see update below). :)

This plugin is:

  • a simple alternative to running a more complete plugin such as Tweet Import or Fresh from FriendFeed and Twitter (also interesting).
  • an effective way of importing such data (though unstructured) since Twitter Blackbird Pie stores the HTML output of the tweet in a custom field.
  • very easy to use as it supports shortcodes (with a GUI) and even inline oEmbed embeds so you only have to paste the tweet’s URL on its own line for the import to work.
  • even SEO-friendly since the tweet is here as text, not as a screenshot as so many people do.

I’ve been considering running an import plugin forever but never did because ultimately, I don’t want all my tweets on my blog. This will likely work better for me because I just have to selectively post the ones I want. Bonus: it also works with other people’s tweets when I want to quote them.

Update: The implementation you see above is in fact the one on WordPress.com, since I have now moved this blog to it.

2 thoughts on “Testing Twitter Blackbird Pie

  1. It’s actually not oEmbed, it’s just using WordPress’ Embed API. The embed API first looks for manual handlers (which this plugin has thanks to a patch I submitted to the dev) and then attempts to find an oEmbed URL to use if that fails.


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