2010 Automattic Meetup

Being a distributed company, the entire Automattic crew meets once a year so that we have an opportunity to interact with all of our peers (20+ new ones since last year) in person. This year’s meetup took place in Seaside, Florida.

As a quick anecdote, Seaside is where the 1998 movie “The Truman Show” was filmed. Stunning location. Great movie, by the way.

As per usual, we had a fantastic time together. Those events are always a wonderful reminder of how Automattic is THE best company in the World!

Our days were filled with socializing, individual flash talks on any subject (mine was “How Woodworking Made me a Better Programmer”), team projects/presentations and other activities.

All fantastic means of not only capturing the pulse of the company, its founders and employees, but also to learn so many things in such a fitting environment. I savored every minute of the trip, both from the personal as well as professional development perspectives.

To all my Automattician brother-in-arms, thank you for the time we shared, and looking forward to the upcoming year. Special props to Rose for having done such a bang-up job organizing the whole thing!

And to those who might be reading this and think how wonderful working with us would be: Think you have what it takes to join the team? Drop by our jobs page. The more, the merrier!

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